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Become a featured content creator

Calling all story tellers! Are you a college student or recent graduate with a knack for sharing your experiences on a social media, or are you just looking to add a professional writing/video gig to that resume? You’re in luck. We are seeking content contributors for our websites, College Atlas and Classes & Careers.

We’re flexible on the type of content

We are interested in content that speaks to YOUR personality and interests. Are you a writer? A photographer? A vlogger? We want to hear about your student experience and educational passion through a medium of your choosing.

What kind of students are we looking for?

We are interested in spotlighting a diverse range of voices. Whether you have experience with a four-year university, junior/community college, vocational study program, graduate school, or life post-graduation, we want to hear your unique perspective.

Why write for us?

Beyond the creative outlet, professional writing experience, and general awesomeness of working with College Atlas and Classes & Careers, here are some other perks:

  • We brag about our contributors –All Featured Content Creators will be promoted with a personal article and post on our website and social media platforms. This includes links to your site or social media page.
  • Resume Booster – Give yourself a competitive edge for that next job or internship by building your portfolio of professionally published digital materials.
  • Learn from us – Curious about digital marketing? We’re here to bounce ideas off!

How can I join the college voice partnership?

Introduce yourself! Email   to learn more about the program and tell us what you’re passionate about. Are you a future nurse or business professional? Counting down the days to jump start your career in welding? Navigating the waters of an undeclared major? We want to hear your story.

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