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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected that the graphic design industry should be one of the fastest growing fields until 2014. The most job opportunities will be available to competent and skilled web developers. One of the best ways to develop the skills necessary to be a skilled web developer is to earn a bachelor’s degree in web development offered through an online program. Graduates of these programs find jobs with government agencies, web development companies, large corporations, and many start their own businesses or perform contract work.

People with associate’s degrees can find entry-level positions as web developers, but many companies prefer to hire job candidates with bachelor’s degrees. Those enrolling in web development programs will be required to complete courses in computer software and hardware, programming, and various courses in visual communications.

It has been predicted that computer design, publishing, and advertising companies will provide some of the best job opportunities for web developers in the upcoming years. Likewise, the advent of new technologies and authoring languages, including Flash, and the growth of the Internet, will create even more job opportunities for talented web developers. Those with bachelor’s degrees in web development will have the chance to take advantage of these new job opportunities.

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Web Design and Development Bachelor Degree Programs

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