Visual and Performing Arts Majors and Degree Programs

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Female violinist playing a violin

Visual and Performing Arts majors provide general instruction in both the visual and performing arts. Students in these majors will prepare for careers in any one of a variety of arts.

The discipline of performing arts generally consists of a combination of drama, music and dance practices. Majoring in performing arts – as opposed to majoring in a single one of the performing arts disciplines – involves pursuing an education track that integrates these overlapping performing art disciplines.

The discipline of visual arts may consist of a combination of visuals arts including graphic design, interior design, fashion design, illustration, etc., or it may involve pursuing just one of the visual arts disciplines. For example, a student intending to launch a career in graphic design may focus exclusively on graphic design courses where a student pursuing a career in illustration may take graphic design courses as well as variety of other visual arts programs.

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