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schools with urban planning major
The Urban and Regional Planning majors is
designed to prepare students to apply
principles of planning, analysis, and
architecture to the improvement and
development of urban areas and surrounding
regions, and to work in the capacity of a
professional planner. This major includes
advanced coursework in principles of
architecture; service, communications, and
transportation systems design; community
and commercial development; master plan
development; zoning; land use planning;
applied economics; applicable laws and
regulations; policy analysis; and
professional responsibilities and
managerial duties.

Select a concentration below to explore
various urban and regional planning majors
and view colleges and universities
offering majors and degree programs in
principles of architecture, plan
development, transportation systems
design, community and commercial
development, zoning, land use planning,
applied economics, policy analysis,
applicable law and regulations and
managerial duties.

  • Auburn
    – Our site gives an
    overview of the master's program in
    Community Planning, including course
    offerings, faculty directory, and
    application instructions.
  • Barnard
    – The website for
    interdisciplinary urban studies offers
    program descriptions, faculty
    directory, and course listings.
  • California
    State Polytechnic University, Pomona

    – We have undergraduate and graduate
    degrees in urban and regional planning
    as well as a GIS minor. Our site
    offers program overviews, course
    information, directories, and general
    school information.
  • California
    State University, Northridge

    Find out here about our mission, our
    programs, our faculty, and our
  • Cleveland
    State University
    – At the Maxine
    Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs
    we have graduate and undergraduate
    degree options in environmental
    studies, urban planning, public
    administration, and urban studies.
  • Columbia
    – Learn about our
    graduate degree options in urban
    planning. Click here to learn about
    our faculty, our students, and our
    current development projects.
  • Cornell
    – We offer degrees in
    planning, urban and regional studies,
    real estate, historic preservation,
    and regional science at all academic
    levels of higher education.
  • Delft
    University of Technology
    – Here
    you will find course overviews for
    programs in building technology,
    architecture, real estate, and housing
    as well as faculty directories, and
    general school information. (Dutch
  • Eastern
    Michigan University
    – We have
    bachelor's and master's degrees in
    urban and regional planning. Our
    website includes course listings,
    project information, directories, and
  • European
    Institute for Comparative Urban
    – We are dedicated to
    promoting urban research that will
    benefit cities and communities around
    the world.
  • Florida
    State University
    – we offer
    graduate degrees in urban and regional
    planning and dual degrees in public
    administration and law.
  • Institute
    for Civil Infrastructure Systems

    – We combine engineering and social
    science to help prepare our students
    to handle the problem of balancing
    infrastructure and social need in
    urban development.
  • Massachusetts
    Institute of Technology
    – Click
    here for an overview of the School of
    Architecture and Planning, including
    department information, directories,
    application instruction, and
    department news.
  • Milton
    Keynes City Discovery Centre

    We have programs in city planning,
    urban geography, and heritage
    management. Located in
    Buckinghamshire, England.
  • Portland
    State University
    – Website for
    the School of Urban Studies and
    Planning at PSU.
  • Ryerson
    Polytechnic Institute
    – Toronto,
    Ontario. Earn a bachelor's degree in
    urban and regional planning from
    Ryerson Polytech.
  • Saxion
    – This Dutch
    university has undergraduate and
    graduate programs. Site offers
    admission information, course
    offerings, and general school
  • Southern
    Connecticut State University

    This cite offers admission
    information, course offerings, and
    general school information.
  • Stellenbosch
    – South Africa. Earn
    undergraduate and graduate degrees in
    management and planning.
  • University
    College London
    – Our site
    includes program descriptions, faculty
    directory, and research information.
  • University
    of California, Irvine
    – At the
    website for the Department of
    Planning, Policy and Design learn
    about our programs, our courses, our
    faculty and our research.
  • University
    of Hong Kong
    – At the Centre of
    Urban Planning and Environmental
    Management you can earn postgraduate
    degrees in transport policy an
    planning, housing management, urban
    planning, and environmental
  • University
    of Illinois at Chicago
    – The
    website for the College of Urban
    Planning and Public Affairs offers
    department information and an overview
    of the Great Cities Institute.
  • University
    of Illinois at Urbana Champion

    At the website for the Department of
    Urban and Regional Planning you can
    learn about our students, our school,
    the admissions process and our
  • University
    of Massachusetts
    – We have eight
    programs in Landscape Architecture and
    Regional Planning from associates
    degrees to doctorate degrees.
  • University
    of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    – Here you will find general
    information about the Department of
    City and Regional Planning, as well as
    faculty directories, job listings, and
    application instructions.
  • University
    of Oklahoma
    – Here at the
    Division of Regional and Community
    Planning, we have an integrated
    master's program that combines social
    science, engineering, architecture,
    business and environmental studies.
  • University
    of Pennsylvania
    – By joining the
    Urban Studies interdisciplinary major,
    you will learn a wide range of views
    on city planning and development..
  • University
    of Southern California
    – School
    of Policy, Planning and Development.
  • University
    of Washington
    – Through the
    Department of Urban Design and
    Planning we offer undergraduate and
    graduate degrees in architecture and
    urban planning fields.
  • University
    Partnership Development Project

    – This website explains the
    partnership between the Kharkiv State
    Academy of Municipal Economy in
    Ukraine and the School of Urban and
    Public Affairs at the University of
    Texas at Arlington.
  • Urban
    Design Project
    – Our center is
    devoted to using research and
    education to help the local community
    with its urban design needs.
  • Virginia
    Commonwealth University
    – We
    have undergraduate and graduate
    programs in urban and regional
    planning. Click here to learn about
    degree programs, faculty, and campus
  • Wayne
    State University
    – We are
    devoted to providing educational and
    community services that will help
    tackle the growing challenges of urban
    development through research, policy
    development, and professional

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