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Located in Vermillion, South Dakota, the University of South Dakota is the State's flagship university. With a student population of over 10,000, the Coyotes, as they are known and represented, constitute the second largest student population in South Dakota.

Physical Campus and Facilities

Student Wellness Center

Student Wellness Center

Founded in 1862, and before South Dakota was formally admitted to the union, the University is the oldest higher education institution in the State. The physical campus is situated on 216 acres and is proximate to the Missouri River.

The campus is home to a newly established, modern wellness facility known as the Wellness Center. The Center houses state-of-the-art fitness equipment as well as numerous courts for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, and an indoor track.

Student Housing

North Complex residence halls Olson (left) and Micklesen (right)

North Complex residence halls Olson (left) and Micklesen (right)

The campus is home to nine student housing complexes, each houses a specific group of students. Four of the nine units are dedicated to housing the University's freshman. The other five units house sophomores and upperclassmen, non-traditional students, and graduate students. The newest of the housing units, Coyote Village, opened as recently as 2010 and is capable of housing up to 548 students.

Academic Programs and Research

Beacom School of Business

Beacom School of Business

The University is subdivided into seven academic colleges through which the University's 132 undergraduate and 62 graduate degree programs are administered. Among the available programs, students can elect to study a variety of disciplines ranging from anthropology, biology and foreign language to medicine and law. The latter two are administered through the University's schools of medicine and law respectively.

Over the years, the University's research activity has increased significantly and with that, so has their funding to do so. Within the University's research department, there are a number of departments through which research is conducted. In particular, the University receives substantial funding for research programs in the biomedical sciences and disability studies.


The University has recently graduated business school students whose national exit exam scores ranked nationally in the top five percent.

General Information

Admission Office

414 East Clark Street

Vermillion, SD 57069-2390

(605) 677-5434

(877) 269-6837

Fax: (605) 677-6753

Contact: Stephanie Moser

Main Address

414 East Clark Street

Vermillion, SD 57069

(605) 677-5434

Total undergrads: 6,958

First-time degree-seeking freshmen: 1,162

Degree-seeking undergrads: 6,036

Graduate enrollment: 1,835


Rural setting

Large town (10,000 – 49,999)

Residential campus

Degrees offered:
First Professional

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