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If you’ve seen a University of Phoenix campus or have read the testimonials from University of Phoenix students, you know they’re not your typical university. They’ve transformed the way students learn by shedding the crowded lecture halls and ivy covered buildings. They know things change-especially education and enterprise.

At the University of Phoenix you have the freedom to earn your degree while you work. Being a working adult used to mean you were locked into the life of 9-to-5 job and everything it entails. And if you wanted to earn an advanced degree, unfortunately, most classes were only held during the day, forcing you to choose between furthering your college education and putting food on the table.

Today, the only thing you have to decide is when, and how, you earn your degree: online or at a local campus.

Your Choice is Simple. Earn Your Degree at Our Home or Yours.

You can attend classes at a University of Phoenix campus location near you and interact with other working adults who are managing the same demands and working toward similar goals as you. You can attend classes at one of more than 200 University of Phoenix locations throughout the United States.

Or you can earn your degree online after your work day is done. As an online student, you’ll still receive the same rigorous education and built-in support that you would if you attended a physical campus. University of Phoenix online courses and degree programs are accessible in most countries world wide and you have online resources available to you like the University Library, the Center for Writing Excellence, and the Center for Mathematics Excellence-all of which enable you to access instrumental research materials and tutorials in Math, Statistics and writing resources.

The accessibility of University of Phoenix degree programs and their resources doesn’t mean that their degree programs are any easier or less rigorous, it simply makes it possible for you to pursue the education you need and the self-improvement you’re looking for.

Committed to You From Start to Finish

No matter what learning format you select, as a University of Phoenix student you’ll have your own personal team of advisors to assist you along your educational path. This Graduation Team® support will help you find financial options to pay for school, schedule your classes and help you stay on track.

And to ensure you can resolve any technical issues you may face as a University of Phoenix student, the school has committed technical support team that is available to answer your questions. Technical support is available 24/7 with the exception of major holidays.

It’s not the type of support you expect from a university. But it’s the kind of personalized attention University of Phoenix provides all its students.

Like we said, University of Phoenix is different. To find a program near you and get started today simply click on the Request Information button below and fill out the information form.

Request more information on any of the programs listed above by clicking on the “Request Information” button located to the right. Request Information from University of Phoenix

While widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please check with a University Enrollment Advisor.

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