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When it comes to deciding on a college to
attend, how do you make the right choice? Making a list of
qualifications or even researching top colleges in certain states is
the best way to make this important choice. While searching for a
college in Oregon, the University of Oregon (UO) will likely be one of the first
to pop up, due to its high-quality education and other options.

General Information

We here at the University of Oregon strive to serve the world through the
creation and transfer of knowledge in the liberal arts, the natural and
social sciences, and the professions.

Established in 1876, we have continued to be at the top in the Oregon University System for our quality and research capabilities.
Representing the nation's premier research institution of higher
learning, the University belongs to the Association of American
Universities. Also, UO has been designated a research university with
high activity by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of

Our aesthetically appealing campus, which consists of 295 acres, is
located in the major Pacific Northwest city of Eugene, Oregon. Another
feature about our campus is the fact that it consists of extensions
that provide students with hands-on experience. These extensions
include more than 25 research centers and institutes.

Admissions Information

While the admission process is relatively simple to complete, it is dependent on
your enrollment status. Enrollment options include incoming freshman,
transfer students, and international students. Other enrollment
statuses include re-enrolling students, community education students,
students with GED's, post baccalaureate students, homeschooled
students, and student veterans.

College Majors

UO is accommodating in that it provides potential students with the
opportunity to choose from over 269 academic programs. These academic
programs range from fine arts to the sciences. Adding to the number of
choices in an UO education is the opportunity to choose a minor from a
list that includes 65 options.

Undergraduate Programs

UO offers students over 77 majors to choose from. These majors involve
aspects of education that cultivate the mind in not only the particular
major being studied, but also in the overall rounding and balance of a
students' education experience. Through this educational experience, UO
purposes to turn-out individuals who are ready to strive for the best
in whatever situation presented, whether in the work place or
everyday life.

The standard tuition for a full-time student comes to $9,873 per year
for a residential student and $29,673 per year for a non-residential
student. Personal expenses aren't included in these figures.

Preparatory Programs

University of Oregon also provides students the opportunity to enroll in preparatory
programs. These programs are ones that prepare students who are seeking
to prepare for a graduate degree in a particular field of study to be
better equipped in pursuing this course. Each program is intended to be
a type of springboard or foundation into the graduate field of choice.
UO offers 18 of these programs.

Graduate Programs

Along with the options discussed above, UO offers 88 programs on the
graduate level. Within this number of programs there are subdivisions
which include 20 certificate programs and 4 programs under the title of
specialization. Many of these programs are stepping stones to a
doctoral degree.

The standard tuition for a full-time graduate student comes to $15,306
a year for residential students and $23,838 a year for non-residential
students. These figures don't include personal expenses.


When it comes to determining top colleges in the U.S., the University
of Oregon falls in the top 8%. Also, UO ranks as one of the highest
schools in the U.S. for active research and public teaching. Along with
these rankings several of UO's graduate
programs are nationally ranked.


In 1918, University of Oregon received accreditation from the Northwest Commission on
College and Universities. In 2007, UO underwent its most recent decennial
accreditation review.

Departments, Colleges, and Schools

Students are given the opportunity of pursuing a degree within the wide
collection of undergraduate and graduate degrees offered through OU's 8
academic schools and colleges. These include the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Lundquist College of Business, and the School of Journalism and Communication.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Although UO's tuition is relatively manageable, means of financial aid
are available. These means of financial aid include FAFSA, grants,
loans, work-study programs, and some scholarships. Financial aid is
dependent on income, level of education, and year of study.

Library System

UO strives to provide students with the best resources available. These resources
are made available through an extensive central library as well as
primary libraries located near the research centers and institutes
throughout campus. Not only are there physical resources, but there are
also online resources such as a library page, databases, and online
forms of books and media sources.


A great outlet from the daily routine of school is the opportunity to
participate in one of the the many sports offered. Both participants and fans
enjoy being part of the Duck community. Sports offered for men are
baseball, basketball, cross country, football, tennis, track and field,
and golf. For women, acrobats and tumbling, basketball, cross country,
golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, and
volleyball are offered.

Student Housing

Where housing is involved, UO provides housing for students in every
situation. UO housing includes residence halls or dorms for on-campus
residents as well as apartments for off-campus residence students over
the age of 21. Housing for those who have children or domestic
partners is also available.

With all the information provided, the fact that Oregon could be a good
choice for the pursuit of a degree is an understatement. Make the right
choice, join the ranks of UO students and start pursuing your dream now.

General Information

Admission Office

1217 University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403-1217

(541) 346-3201

(800) 232-3825

Fax: (541) 346-5815

Contact: Brian Henley

Director of Admissions
Main Address

1226 University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403-1226

(541) 346-3111

Total undergrads: 17,619

First-time degree-seeking freshmen: 4,260

Degree-seeking undergrads: 17,356

Graduate enrollment: 3,315


Suburban setting

Small city (50,000 – 249,999)

Residential campus

Degrees offered:
First Professional

Admissions Information

Application Fee

College has an application fee: Yes

Regular application fee: $50

Online application fee: $50
Enrollment Rates

Percent applicants admitted: 85%

Percent of students who return for sophomore year: 84%

Tuition & Fees

Estimated Expenses for Academic Year 2008-'09 2009-'10 2010-'11 2011-'12 % change 2010-'12
Tuition and fees $6,036 $6,435 $7,430 $8,190 +10.23%
Books and Supplies $900 $1,050 $1,050 $1,050 0.00%
Living Arrangement – On Campus
Room and Board $7,848 $8,211 $8,939 $9,144 +2.29%
Other $2,376 $2,412 $2,412 $2,412 0.00%
Living Arrangement – Off Campus
Room and Board $7,848 $8,211 $8,939 $9,144 +2.29%
Other $2,376 $2,412 $2,412 $2,412 0.00%
Total Expenses 2008-'09 2009-'10 2010-'11 2011-'12 % change 2010-'12
In-state On Campus $17,160 $18,108 $19,831 $20,796 +4.87%
In-state Off Campus $17,160 $18,108 $19,831 $20,796 +4.87%
In-state with Family $6,936 $7,485 $8,480 $9,240 +8.96%
Average Graduate Student Tuition & Fees

Tuition for In-state Students $12,123
In-state Student Fees $1,260
Tuition for Out-of-state Students $18,090
Out-of-state Fees $1,260

Financial Aid

Full-time Beginning Undergraduate Students
Type of Aid Students Percent Amount Average Per Student
All students financial aid 2,831 68%
Grant or scholarship aid 2,381 57% $9,233,480 $3,878
– Federal grants 623 15% $2,516,149 $4,039
– Pell grants 622 15% $2,115,860 $3,402
– Other federal grants 418 10% $400,289 $958
State/local government grant or scholarships 565 13% $1,270,954 $2,249
Institutional grants or scholarships 2,349 56% $5,446,377 $2,319
Student loan aid 1,595 38% $9,286,577 $5,822
– Federal student loans 1,564 37% $7,356,704 $4,704
Other student loans 141 3% $1,929,873 $13,687

All Degrees and Programs

Program Completions for Most Recent Year BA/BS MA/MS Doctor AA/AS CERT
Total of All Education Programs 3952 951 341 459
Architecture and Related Services 89 126 10
Architecture 70 95
City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning 13
Environmental Design/Architecture 10
Interior Architecture 11 3
Landscape Architecture 8 15
Area, Gender, Cultural, Ethnic, and Group Studies 68 9 15
Asian Studies/Civilization 14 1
Ethnic Studies 21
European Studies/Civilization 2
Folklore Studies 7 6
Latin American Studies 3
Russian Studies 9 1
Women's Studies 21 7
Biology and Biomedical Sciences 254 27 15
Biochemistry 13
Biology and Biological Sciences, General 94 8 10
Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography 11
Physiology 136 19 5
Business, Administration, Management, Marketing, etc. 523 147 4 37
Accounting 132 44
Business Administration and Management 87 2
Business/Commerce 391
International Business/Trade/Commerce 12
Management Information Systems 15
Marketing/Marketing Management 1 2
Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management 25
Communication and Journalism Programs 344 24 4
Advertising 104
Communication and Media Studies, Other 3 4
Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other 9
Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia 45
Journalism 1 5
Journalism, Other 97 7
Mass Communication/Media Studies 20
Public Relations/Image Management 77
Computing and Information Sciences 30 14 3
Computer and Information Sciences 30 14 3
Education 68 216 14 336
Bilingual and Multilingual Education 3
Early Childhood Education and Teaching 2
Education 58 1
Education/Teaching of Individuals in Early Childhood Special Education
1 33
Education/Teaching of Individuals with Multiple Disabilities 17
Educational Leadership and Administration 38 8 3
Elementary Education and Teaching 127
Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching 149
Music Teacher Education 10 3 1 1
Special Education and Teaching 59 4
Teacher Education, Multiple Levels 116
English Language, Composition and Literature/Letters 170 19 11
Creative Writing 8
English Language and Literature 170 11 11
Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics 305 37 9 25
Chinese Language and Literature 16
Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics 3 2
Comparative Literature 13 1 2
East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics 1
French Language and Literature 30 3
German Language and Literature 13 4
Italian Language and Literature 5 1
Japanese Language and Literature 48
Latin Language and Literature 1
Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and Services, Other 25
Linguistics 23 18 4
Romance Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics 17 2 2
Spanish Language and Literature 136 6
Health Services and Allied Health Sciences 32 51 1 17
Communication Sciences and Disorders 32 20 1
Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling 31
Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist 17
History 161 9 4
History 161 9 4
Human Services 43 27
Public Administration 43 27
Legal and Law Studies 11 185
Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law 11
Law 185
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities 17
Humanities/Humanistic Studies 17
Mathematics and Statistics 70 7 9
Mathematics 70 7 9
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies 205 36 4
Ancient Studies/Civilization 2
Biological and Physical Sciences 62
Historic Preservation and Conservation 8
International/Global Studies 132 10
Mathematics and Computer Science 1
Medieval and Renaissance Studies 8
Museology/Museum Studies 4
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 18
Natural Resources and Conservation 71 9 2
Environmental Science 20 2
Environmental Studies 51 3
Natural Resources and Conservation, Other 6
Physical Sciences 48 65 24
Chemistry 17 40 9
Geology and Earth Science 12 8 3
Physics 19 13 12
Physics, Other 4
Psychology 292 18 19 1
Counseling Psychology 6
Psychology 292 16 7
School Psychology 2 6 1
Social Sciences 874 37 20
Anthropology 73 9 4
Economics 218 7 7
Geography 61 9 2
Political Science and Government 273 7 4
Social Sciences 23
Sociology 226 5 3
Visual and Performing Arts 288 62 17 14
Art History, Criticism and Conservation 32 9 1
Art/Art Studies 76 2
Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management 13
Ceramic Arts and Ceramics 3 1
Conducting 5
Dance 4 4
Design and Applied Arts, Other 7
Drama and Dramatics/Theater Arts 22 1 5
Fiber, Textile and Weaving Arts 3 1
Film/Cinema/Video Studies 1 14
Fine/Studio Arts 1
Intermedia/Multimedia 71 3
Jazz/Jazz Studies 4 1
Keyboard Instruments 1
Metal and Jewelry Arts 3 1
Music History, Literature, and Theory 1
Music Performance 16 7 8
Music Theory and Composition 2 5 2
Music 18
Music, Other 1
Painting 10 3
Photography 6 2
Printmaking 4 1
Sculpture 5 1
Above data represent first majors only.
(-) Indicates that program is not offered at this award level.

Undergraduate Majors

Architecture & Related Programs

Architecture B
Interior Architecture B
Landscape Architecture B
Product Design B

Area, Ethnic, Cultural, & Gender Studies

Asian Studies B
Ethnic Studies – General B
Russian/Slavic Area Studies B
Women's Studies B

Arts, Visual & Performing

Art – General B
Art History/Criticism/Conservation B
Ceramics B
Dance B
Design/Visual Communications B
Drama/Theater Arts B
Fiber/Textile/Weaving Arts B
Fine/Studio Arts B
Jazz Studies B
Metal/Jewelry Arts B
Multimedia B
Music – General B
Music – General Performance B
Music Theory/Composition B
Painting B
Photography B
Printmaking B
Sculpture B

Biological & Biomedical Sciences

Biochemistry B
Biology B
Marine/Aquatic Biology B
Physiology B

Business, Management, & Marketing

Accounting B
Business – General B

Communications & Journalism

Advertising B
Digital Communications/Multimedia B
Journalism B
Magazine B
Mass Communications/Media Studies B
News-Editorial B
Public Relations B

Computer & Information Sciences

Computer/Information Sciences – General B


Education – General B
Music Teacher Education B

English Language & Literature

English Language & Literature – General B

Foreign Language & Literature

Chinese B
Classics B
Comparative Literature B
French B
German B
Greek, Ancient B
Italian B
Japanese B
Latin B
Linguistics B
Romance Languages B
Russian B
Spanish B

Health Professions & Clinical Sciences

Communication Disorders B


History – General B

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Humanities B


Mathematics – General B

Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

Ancient Studies/Civilization B
Biological/Physical Sciences B
Global Studies B
Mathematics/Computer Science B
Medieval/Renaissance Studies B

Natural Resources & Conservation

Environmental Science B
Environmental Studies B

Philosophy & Religion

Jewish/Judaic Studies B
Philosophy B
Religion/Religious Studies B

Physical Sciences

Chemistry B
Geology B
Physics B


Psychology – General B

Public Administration & Services

Human Services B
Public Administration B

Social Sciences

Anthropology B
Economics B
Geography B
Political Science/Government B
Social Sciences – General B
Sociology B

Degree levels for each major are designated by the following letters:

    A = Associate degree
    B = Bachelor's degree
    C = Certificate or diploma

*We do not guarantee the accuracy of information on this page. All
information is subject to change. You should confirm all information
with a college admissions officer.

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