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United States University is a private university in sunny San Diego, California. With its convenient location, US University offers students a great education in the heart of a world-class city. Warm year-round climate and gorgeous beaches make US University a particularly attractive place to pursue your college degree. With degree programs in health sciences, education and management, our students are able to excel in their chosen profession and secure a better future. Classes are offered online and on campus to give students more flexibility in their education. US University is dedicated to giving students the tools they need to achieve their goals.

US University was founded in 1997 with an initial focus on promoting an education for bilingual teachers. Since then, US University has expanded its horizons to incorporate some of the most sought after degree programs in higher education today. With a student body of roughly 300 students, US University creates an intimate environment for students to foster their skills and grow as educated individuals. San Diego makes for a unique educational setting by combining the hustle and bustle of a major city with the cozy surroundings of a private university. Students get to enjoy a range of outdoor activities that all the more enhance their time at US University. Take advantage of this rare educational opportunity with a degree from US University.

Students at US University get a quality education at inexpensive prices. With its small class sizes and high faculty to student ration, US University is known for providing a student-centered education that focuses on the individual. Students are able to make their own class schedule by taking classes online, on campus, or a hybrid of the two. US University also offers open enrollment all year-round, helping students begin and end their education on a timeline that works for them. US University has degree programs in some of the most bankable and stable industries in the job market including masters and bachelors degrees in business management, health sciences, education and nursing. Reinvent your future with US University.

US University also offers financial aid to qualified students. Assistance comes in the form of grants, loans, scholarships and payment plans to give students more options for paying for their education. US University even offers 24/7 online tutoring, career mentoring, and plenty of additional academic resources to help our students achieve a brighter future. Discover a better tomorrow with US University and apply today.

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