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The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most profitable industries within the United States. In fact, it generates more than a trillion dollars a year. As a result, many job opportunities are available for people interested in working in tourism and hospitality.

People working in hotels, restaurants, and resorts are responsible for making sure customers receive excellent service. Tourism and hospitality specialists are also responsible for assisting people booking reservations, making travel arrangements, and notifying tourists of popular attractions in the region where they’re vacationing.

Although many companies within the tourism and hospitality industry hire people without college degrees, those with bachelor’s degrees will improve their job opportunities. Jobs within this industry can be found with cruise ships, restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, and resorts.

During 2010, more than 100,000 people worked in the tourism and hospitality industry throughout the United States. Nearly 15 percent of these individuals ran their own businesses. Median salaries for tourism and hospitality specialists fell anywhere from $21,000-35,000 a year. Earning a bachelor’s degree will not guarantee a high-paying job, but most companies within the tourism and hospitality industry heavily recruit candidates with a college education.

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