Top 20 Online Apps That Help You Study

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We always knew the internet was
for more than watching cat videos or Jimmy Fallon clips.
In fact, the online world is a
treasure trove for students
looking to buckle down and get the
grades they want. Let’s look at
some of the best applications out there to make
sure you do as well as you want
this semester – and the semesters
to come.

  • iHomework:
    Helps you keep to-do lists,
    schoolwork, grades and more in
    An online dictionary and
    thesaurus for times you’re
    struggling to find just the
    right word.
  • Wikibot:
    This Wikipedia reader syncs
    with iCloud and has
    bookmarking features plus the
    ability to look up highlighted
    words for further information.
  • World Atlas
    : Orient yourself
    with this full-service online
    atlas, which includes time
    zone, satellite, physical and
    political zoom-in maps.
  • Evernote:
    Note-taking is made easy by
    this app, which is easily
    searchable and syncs between
    your mobile devices.
  • Dropbox:
    Take your documents with you –
    in the cloud! Dropbox lets you
    access your work from just
    about anywhere.
  • gFlash:
    This app lets you create and
    download an endless amount of
    flashcards, which are perfect
    for memorization and many
    other types of learning.
  • KnoTextbooks:
    Your search for reasonably
    priced textbooks is over with
    this app, which also offers
    search engines, videos and
    three-dimensional models.
  • MyGradeBook:
    Keep your grades organized
    with this app. It has Dropbox
    integration and automatic data
  • iStudiezPro:
    Create color-coded schedules,
    organize holiday information
    and enter professor contacts
    with this easy-to-use app.
  • SimpleMind:
    Get a better grip on difficult
    subjects while creating
    easy-to-understand mind maps.
  • ExamCountdown:
    Keep track of when your
    examinations are scheduled
    with this handy app.
  • CampusM:
    If your school is listed in
    this app, you’ll be able to
    find out all kinds of
    information, including class
    cancellations and more.
  • Cooliris:
    Find three-dimensional
    pictures of just about
    anything using this app.
  • PowerVocab:
    Amp up your speaking ability,
    challenge yourself and others.
  • Noteability:
    Give your note-taking a
    tune-up; also includes audio
    recordings, markable PDFs and
  • Popplet:
    Offers mind-mapping,
    collaboration, brainstorming
    and more.
  • inClass:
    Organize your schedule, notes
    and to-do lists with this
    user-friendly app.
  • iAnnotate:
    Annotate PDFs and go
  • ZoomReader:
    Combines with your phone
    camera to magnify and read
    printed text.

Know of any stellar study apps we have forgotten? If so, leave them in the comments below so that we can evaluate it and possibly include it in our list.

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