5 Planning Principles to Help Maximize Daily Time Management

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    1. Plan before going to bed. Planning at night is effective since you’re less stressed and typically aware of what must be completed the next day. Likewise, students who plan ahead are more likely than students who don’t plan to avoid distractions.

    Planning ahead also reduces stress. It’s not uncommon for students without plans to toss and turn all night worrying about everything that must get done. Organized students know exactly what must get done and the time necessary to finish daily tasks.

    2. Write down daily plans. Students with written plans avoid distractions and complete more daily tasks. Likewise, they’re more in control of their circumstances. It’s easy to forget or get sidetracked when plans are not written down.

    3. Effectively plan by jotting down activities that must be completed and other tasks you’d like to complete if time permits. Students implementing this strategy often free up time late in the week to relax and have fun.

    4. Don’t hesitate to over plan. Students who cram their schedule often find they have plenty of time to complete all assigned daily tasks. As you become an experienced planner, you’ll begin to accurately identify how much time is necessary to complete certain tasks.

    Remaining busy does not necessarily result in added stress. Unorganized students often struggle with stress because they put off everything until the last minute and do not have enough time to complete all their work.

    5. Identify priorities in daily plans. Certain tasks must be completed immediately, while others can be completed later in the day. Students who neglect to prioritize tasks often spend more time working on less important and easy tasks. After completing difficult tasks, you’ll be less stressed and have more time to unwind while completing easy ones.

    Prioritize tasks by numbering them. Begin your list with important tasks, and place less important ones near the bottom.

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