Theater Study Skills Guides and Resources

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Editor reviewed and recommended theater study skills guides, tutorials and learning resources. Learn how to study theater.

  • Writing about Theater – Explore a variety elements that must be addressed in effective writing about theater including Acting and Directing, Environment and Design, and Meaning and Structure.
  • Writing about Film – addresses teh challenges of writing about film, types of film papers, ideological papers, cultural studies/national cinemas, prewriting strategies, elements of composition, research tips, writing tips, and more.
  • Memory and Test Preparation Strategies for Theater – useful article that explores the use fo flash cards, study guides, study groups, tape recordings and video recordings to improve memory.
  • Reading and Notetaking for Theatre – reading and note taking strategies for theatre including SQ3R, reading guidelines, margin notes, preparation, tape recording, focus on terms and concepts, and notes format.
  • Strategies for Reviewing Plays or Movies – strategies for reviewing plays or movies including instructor’s guidelines, clearly stating the thesis, supporting your opinions, and note taking.
  • Discovering a Topic for Your Theater Paper – outlines 6 steps that will help you discover the perfect topic for your paper.
  • Learn How to Ace a Theatre History Exam – great resource that addresses exam preparation techniques for theatre history exams.

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