The A-List Nursing Rankings Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How is the A-List Nursing Rankings different from other nursing school rankings lists?

    The A-List Nursing Rankings take academic quality, affordability, and accessibility into account, as well as what percent of nursing graduates pass their board certification test (the NCLEX-RN test).

  2. Do each of the schools on the A-List nursing rankings list offer all levels of nursing degrees?

    Most of the schools on the A-List are large, prominent institutions that include a comprehensive selection of degree programs. However we do not claim that all the schools included in the A-List Nursing Rankings offer all degree levels. If the school did not have students that took the NCLEX-RN test, we did not include these schools in our rankings list.

  3. Does this nursing rankings list take into consideration all nursing schools in the U.S.?

    We were only able to include the nursing schools that had their NCLEX-RN pass rates publicly available or who were willing to make them available upon request.

  4. What data factors go into the A-List Nursing Rankings and how are they weighted?

    The nursing rankings list is based on a weighted combination of each school’s A-List score (see that methodology) and their NCLEX-RN pass rate. We balanced the weight of all factors so that top-ranked nursing schools are those with a very high nursing board exam pass rate along with a great academic experience that’s available to a wide variety of students at an affordable price.

  5. Does the affordability portion of the A-List Nursing Rankings take scholarships and financial aid into consideration?

    No. A student’s ability to qualify for a scholarship or financial aid is more dependent on the student’s accomplishments and financial status than it is which school he or she attends. For this reason we decided to eliminate financial aid from the affordability portion of our rankings calculation. Focusing only on tuition gives a solid apples-to-apples comparison between the schools themselves and gives students with average financial means and academic accomplishments a more accurate picture of what each school will cost to attend.

  6. Do the A-List Nursing Rankings consider both in-state and out-of-state tuition?

    No. They are calculated using in-state tuition figures only.

  7. The A-List Nursing Rankings considers academic quality, but how?

    We base academic quality on two factors: the school’s categorization in the US News Best Colleges rankings, and the school’s rank within its category. For example, a school ranked as #100 in the National University category might have a similar academic reputation as a school that was ranked #10 in the Regional University category. The NCLEX-RN pass rates are also indicative of the academic quality, but that is a separate data point in our formula.

  8. How is enrollment considered in the A-List rankings?

    Enrollment is an important, yet small aspect of the A-List formula; it comprises less than 5 percent of the overall calculation.

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