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Improvements in telecommunications technology have made it possible for people around the world to access information and communicate freely. It would be very difficult to conduct global trade without telephone, video, and Internet technology most people have come to depend on. Therefore, companies heavily rely upon telecommunications managers to ensure their telecommunications technology is functioning properly, and it’s secure from online threats.

Those interested in a career as a telecommunications manager can receive the training necessary for this career by earning a MBA in telecommunication management. Students enrolled in these programs will be required to complete courses in network security, risk management, systems maintenance, developing telecommunication systems, and computer networks.

Many accredited universities offer MBA programs in telecommunication management that can be completed online. Working professionals choosing this option to complete an MBA program can keep their full-time jobs. Some schools offer accelerated programs for students wanting to finish the program in less than 2 years.

Those earning MBAs in telecommunication management position themselves for high paying positions, such as systems analysts, senior-level managers, network security specialists, and information technology managers. According to a recent survey, most people with MBA degrees have reported that they now earn salaries 50 percent higher than what they earned before earning a MBA.

Job growth for information systems and telecommunication managers is increasing at an exceptional rate. Job growth is particularly good for network systems analysts, with growth projected to exceed 50 percent through 2018. Above average job growth is also expected for telecommunications managers as well. Those with master’s or doctorate degrees will have the best job opportunities.

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