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Technology managers are responsible for ensuring companies have an adequate technology infrastructure to accommodate their business demands. To begin a technology management career, it’s recommended to earn a MBA in technology management. Many companies prefer to hire managers with MBAs or graduate degrees in related fields. Working professionals can complete courses during their free time if they enroll in online programs.

Technology managers are responsible for evaluating companies’ technology infrastructure, recommending updates to it, and supervising employees with technological specialties. Because of the increase of online threats, more companies are responsible for protecting sensitive data and computer networks. To prepare potential technology managers to fulfill these tasks, students enrolled in technology management MBA programs are required to complete courses in network assessment, management analysis, finance, and economics.

On average, information system and technology managers earn more than $90,000 annually. Another advantage of a career in technology management is the growing numbers of job opportunities being created in this field. Those with MBAs in technology management should fill many of these jobs.

Technology Management MBA Degree Programs

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