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Advances in technology have led to the improvement of medical care, communication, travel, and many other daily activities. There will always be demand for specialists working in industries where new technology is developed. Those interested in technology and how it’s developed can greatly benefit by earning a master’s degree in technology management. Many accredited universities offer online programs. While enrolled in these programs, students will receive instruction in both business management and technology.

The curriculum making up master’s degree programs in technology management and information technology management usually includes the following courses: various classes on different types of technology, organizational and operations management, marketing, managerial economics, technology management, finance, and accounting.

Technology management graduates can find jobs with government agencies, technology firms, and non-profit organizations. Many non-profit groups specialize in research intended to determine the positive and negative effects technology has on members of society.

During 2009, senior-level technology managers earned anywhere from $80,000 to $113,000 a year. Earning a master’s degree in technology management will not automatically qualify someone for a high paying job, but most technology firms seek qualified managers with experience and master’s degrees in technology management.

Technology Management Master’s Degree Programs

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