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Because technology plays such a vital role in the modern business world, organizations rely heavily upon skilled technology managers. Technology managers are responsible for developing technology plans and ensuring these initiatives are implemented. They are also responsible for ensuring a company’s technology infrastructure is updated and able to meet its needs. These managers also supervise technology specialists, such as computer technicians, analysts, and programmers.

Those aspiring to work as technology managers can learn the skills they need to succeed by earning a bachelor’s degree in technology management through an online program. After completing a technology management program, graduates will be prepared to develop strategies intended to solve technology issues that are hampering a company’s business operations.

The growth of technology has increased the amount of job opportunities available for qualified technology managers. During 2004, nearly 280,000 technology managers were employed throughout the United States. Job growth in this industry can be attributed to the growth of e-commerce and technologies intended to enhance commerce.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in technology management will not automatically qualify one for a high paying job, but most companies recruiting technology managers seek candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Technology Management Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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