Improving Reading Comprehension Through Summary Writing

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Reading comprehension can by
enhanced by writing short
summaries. Students benefit by
writing summaries since doing so
requires them to organize and
recollect information. These tips
will help you write effective

Condense Lists

  • Condense
    long lists into short ones by
    using short phrases or words
    to describe an entire list.
  • For
    example, a list consisting of
    lithium, sodium, potassium,
    rubidium, caesium, francium,
    and hydrogen could be
    condensed to the alkali

Develop Topic Sentences

  • Topic
    sentences contain the main
    idea of a paragraph.
  • Good
    topic sentences effectively
    summarize entire paragraphs.
  • Create
    topic sentences for paragraphs
    lacking them.

Remove Excess Details

  • Paragraphs

    often contain repetitive

  • Information

    within paragraphs is often

Combine Related Paragraphs

  • Multiple
    paragraphs on a page are
    frequently similar.
  • Many
    paragraphs repeat information
    from previous ones.
  • Identify
    which paragraphs can be
    deleted and combined with

Utilize these 5 tips to write good

1. Comprehend what You’re

  • Determine
    the main points the author is
  • Predict
    the main points prior to
    reading the text.

2. Briefly Re-summarize the Text

  • Reread
    content to ensure main points
    are understood.
  • Highlight
    key text.

3. Analyze and Summarize Main

  • After
    rereading text, mentally
    summarize the main points made
    by the author.
  • Identify
    topic sentences.
  • Develop
    topic sentences for paragraphs
    lacking them.

4. Check New Summaries for

  • Is your
    summary complete? Check for
    details that should be
    included within summaries.
  • Remove
    repetitive and irrelevant

5. Finalize and Edit Summaries

  • When
    numerous details are condensed
    into a summary, it often does
    not flow well. Add
    transitional language to
    improve flow.
  • Flow can
    also be improved by shortening
    long paragraphs.
  • Ensure
    your summary does not too
    closely mimic the author’s
    work you’re summarizing.

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