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Strayer University, accredited by the Middle States commission on Higher Education, is one of most reputable career oriented universities that provides online degrees. Since its inception in 1892 Strayer has been dedicated to providing quality higher education programs for adults and aspiring professionals.

Strayer University curriculum, courses and design programs are unique designed to fit the busy schedule of working adults. You can attend class in the evenings, weekends, and asynchronously on the web. Strayer provides a large selection of both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting, Business and Internet Technology. It also provides degrees in Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts and Social Science.

Degree Programs Uniquely Design To Meet Your Needs
Strayer University is dedicated to making your degree experience as enjoyable a process as possible. Strayer University staff, faculty, and instructors recognize that earning an advanced degree and balancing a career with your real life can be very demanding. At Strayer University, you’ll have the unique advantage of receiving a comprehensive education and support system that will enable you to earn you degree as quickly as possible. The following are just a few of the things Strayer offers in order to help you succeed before you become a student, while you’re a student, and after you’ve completed your degree.

  • Life/Work Credit
  • Financial Aid Advising
  • Flexible Class Schedules
  • Convenient Campus Locations
  • Academic Advising
  • Tutoring Center
  • Career Development Assistance

The following are just a few of the degree programs offered by Strayer University. To view a complete list of degrees, courses, and programs, and to request more information about a specific program click on the “Request Information” button below.

 Business Programs

  • Exec Grad Cert Acct: Accounting
  • Exec Grad Cert Acct: Accounting Info Sys
  • Exec Grad Cert Acct: Controllership
  • Exec Grad Cert Acct: Taxation
  • Exec Grad Cert Bus Admin: Acquisition
  • Exec Grad Cert Bus Admin: Human Resource Mgmt
  • Exec Grad Cert Bus Admin: Management
  • Exec Grad Cert Bus Admin: Marketing
  • Undergrad Cert Accounting: Advanced
  • Undergrad Cert Accounting: Introductory
  • Undergrad Cert Bus Admin: Acquisition & Contract
  • Undergrad Cert Bus Admin: E-Business
  • Undergrad Cert Bus Admin: Management
  • Undergrad Cert Bus Admin: Small Business Mgmt
  • Diploma – Accounting
  • Diploma -Acquisition and Contract Management
  • AA – Accounting
  • AA – Acquisition and Contract Management
  • AA – Business Administration
  • AA – Economics
  • AA – Marketing
  • BBA – Acquisition and Contract Management
  • BBA – Banking
  • BBA – E-Business
  • BBA – Finance
  • BBA – Health Services Administration
  • BBA – Human Resource Management
  • BBA – Management
  • BBA – Marketing
  • BBA – Retail Management
  • BS – Accounting
  • BS – Economics
  • BS – International Business
  • MBA – Accounting
  • MBA – Acquisition
  • MBA – Finance
  • MBA – Health Services Administration
  • MBA – Hospitality Tourism
  • MBA – Human Resource Management
  • MBA – Information Systems Management
  • MBA – International Business
  • MBA – Management
  • MBA – Marketing
  • MBA – Professional Studies
  • MBA – Project Management
  • MS – Accounting: Acctg Info Sys
  • MS – Accounting: Controllership
  • MS – Accounting: CPA Prep
  • MS – Accounting: Taxation
  • MSHRM – Human Resource and Organizational Development
  • MSHRM – Human Resource Generalist

 Education Programs

  • M.Ed. – Adult Education and Development
  • M.Ed. – Educational Management
  • M.Ed. – Technology in Education

 Engineering & Construction Programs

  • Exec Grad Cert. IS: Software Engineering
  • MSIS – Software Engineer Management

 Health Programs

  • BBA – Health Services Administration
  • Masters – Health Services Administration
  • MBA – Health Services Administration

 Hospitality & Culinary Programs

  • BBA – Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • MBA – Hospitality and Tourism Management

 Law & Criminal Justice Programs

  • AA in Criminal Justice
  • BBA – Legal Studies
  • BSCJ – Computer Security and Forensics
  • BSCJ (Criminal Justice Concentration) Admin
  • BSCJ – Homeland Security and Emergency Mgt
  • BSCJ – Homeland Security Technology

 Liberal Arts & Humanities Programs

  • AA: General Studies

 Social Science Programs

    Masters: Public Administration

  • MBA – Public Adminstration

 IT & Technology Programs

  • Exec Grad Cert: IS: Networking
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Computer Security
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Database Developer
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Database Management
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Homeland Security & Info Sys
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Internetworking Technology
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Networking
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Programming
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Security Administration
  • Undergrad Cert: IS: Web Development
  • Diploma: IS: Computer Security
  • Diploma: IS: Database Developer
  • Diploma: IS: Database Management
  • Diploma: IS: Homeland Security & Info Systems
  • Diploma: IS: Internetworking Technology
  • Diploma: IS: Networking
  • Diploma: IS: Programming
  • Diploma: IS: Security Administration
  • Diploma: IS: Web Development
  • AA: Information Systems
  • BSIS – Computer Security
  • BSIS – Database Developer
  • BSIS – Database Management
  • BSIS – Homeland Security and Info Systems
  • BSIS – Internetworking Technology
  • BSIS – Networking
  • BSIS – Programming
  • BSIS – Security Administration
  • BSIS – Web Development
  • MBA – Information Systems Management
  • MSIS – Computer Security Management
  • MSIS – Decisions Support System Management
  • MSIS – Enterprise Resource Management
  • MSIS – Network Management
  • MSIS – Systems Development Management

 Vocational Programs

  • MS – Accounting: Acctg Info Sys
  • Exec Grad Cert. Acct: Accounting Info Sys
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