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Everything You Need to Find a Job

Step 1: Prepare

Using a combination of various methods and tactics for finding a job will increase your options, expand your networking pool, and decrease your overall search time.

  1. Update your resume – This will help you recognize your strengths and past successes. Remember, the average resume is read in 10 seconds.
  2. Update your LinkedIn Profile – 91% of hiring managers use social networks to screen candidates. 100 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information.
  3. Clean up your Facebook profile – 44% of employers look at Facebook profiles of potential hires. Remove anything offensive. Add a few good posts that would represent you well.
  4. Clean up your Twitter account – 27% of employers check out job candidate’s activity on Twitter. Remove anything controversial. Add a few tweets that highlight your better side.

Step 2: Search

Job-seekers are most likely to find a job using the following search methods:

  • 41% Networking – A whopping 41% of job-seekers find a job through networking
  • 25% Internet job boards – 25% of job-seekers find a job through internet job boards
  • 11% Agency or firm – 11% of job-seekers find a job through an agency or firm
  • 8% Direct approach* – 8% of job-seekers find a job through using a direct approach
  • 4% Online network – 4% of job-seekers find a job through an online network like Facebook
  • 2% Advertisement – 2% of job-seekers find a job through an advertisement in the classifieds

*Knowing where you want to work, who is “in charge” of making hiring decisions at that location, and making a case to them about why they should hire you, even when you haven’t been told they’re hiring.

Step 3: Stay Positive

General Rule: For every 100 applications you submit… you will be extended 10 interview opportunities… and offered 1 job

  • Don’t take rejection personally
  • Treat job-hunting like a full-time job
  • Identify roles that suit you
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Be patient!

Tip: Add one month of search time for every $20,000 you wish to earn in annual salary

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