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The LSAT, GRE, GMAT, PPST, MCAT, SAT, and ACT are standardized tests. Admission committees use these tests to determine students’ aptitude in science, math, reading, and other core subjects. Standardized test score are used to make admission decisions and determine whether someone is qualified to receive a professional certification. These tests are timed, so students must complete all sections within set timeframes.


Many professional organizations produce study manuals for standardized tests. Test-taking strategies and sample problems are included in study manuals. Begin studying as soon as possible since most schools have application deadlines.

Read the Directions Carefully

Depending on the test, test takers can receive point deductions for incorrect answers. However, most standardized test scores are derived from correct answers only. Carefully read test instructions to identify time limits per section, incorrect answer penalties, and other key directions.

Study Sample Questions

Standardized tests typically contain sample questions to show students how questions are to be answered. Briefly review sample questions before beginning each section.

Work Quickly

Do not waste any time while taking a standardized test and dwell on single questions. Divide time evenly between questions. If you’re stumped after reading a question, mark it and return later.

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