Speech Study Skills Guides and Resources

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Editor reviewed and recommended speech study skills guides, tutorials and learning resources. Learn how to study speech from those that know.

  • Reducing Speech Anxiety – explore several strategies and tips for reducing speech anxiety including using distrations, developing a sense of camaraderie, learning to relax, selecting the right speech topic, etc.
  • How to Give Oral Presentations – explore easy to follow steps and advice that will help you give more effective oral presentations (without stressing out.)
  • Social Anxiety in Giving Speeches – Most people dread giving speeches. Learn helpful strategies for managing nervousness and anxiety associated with public speaking.
  • Strategies for Giving Impromptu Speeches – Explore useful strategies for giving first speeches and impromptu speeches including time limites, organization, considering of the audience, use of visual aids, notecards, practice and presentation tips.
  • Delivering Your Speech – strategies and tips for delivering an effective and painless speech.
  • Presentation Tips for Public Speaking – explore very useful and unique tips for improving your public speaking skills.
  • Information Organization Strategies for Giving Speeches – article addresses the use of flash cards, flow chards, compare-contrast organizers, and matrices.
  • Improving Your Speaking Skills – learn 10 tips that will greatly improve your ability to give public talks and speeches.
  • Designing Effective Oral Presentations – a very good resource that will help you learn the ins and outs of developing an effective oral presentation. Learn how to understand the context of your presentation, analyze your audience, and much, much more.
  • Writing Effective Speeches – learn what's different about writing a speech compared to writing a regular paper. Explore various strategies, steps and tips for writing an effective speech.
  • Fundamentals of Speech Writing – learn the fundamentals of speech writing with some tips and resources for writing a better speech.

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