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The Social Sciences major is designed to
provide students a comprehensive
analytical perspective for understanding,
evaluating and researching human social
interaction and social dynamics. Students
in this major will develop a solid
foundation that will help them in a
variety of graduate and professional
fields (Law, Social Work, Urban Planning,
Public Health, Political Science, Human
Services Administration, Public Policy,
Sociology, etc.).

Graduates entering the workforce with the
undergraduate degree in a social science
major are typically prepared to take on
various administrative responsibilities in
both business and government and
participate in managerial training
programs in private or public agencies.
Many social science graduates will end up
serving as research assistants for
scientific or marketing programs. Social
Sciences majors are also employed in a
large variety of Human Services fields in
such areas as social services, education,
youth services, community development,
counseling and labor relations. Social
Science students can also prepare for a
wide array of professional opportunities
in diplomatic services and international

Select a concentration below to explore
various social science majors and view
colleges and universities offering majors
and degree programs in anthropology,
archeology, demography, criminology,
applied economics, political science,
international relations, geography,
sociology and more.

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