Top 10 Sexiest Jobs for Women

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Move over, swimsuit models! You’re not the only ones men find sexy anymore. Today’s men are looking for a sophisticated lady with a passion for climbing the corporate ladder, women who are bankers, marketers and accountants. The bacon she’ll bring to the table isn’t a bad perk either. There’s nothing like a woman with goals and ambitions to get a man’s engine revving. Don’t believe us? Here are the Top 10 Sexiest Careers for Women that are sure to make any guy drool.

  1. Lawyer

    Image of Female Lawyer

    Annual Salary: $113,530

    Lawyers get a lot of flack for being liars, hypocrites, and hustlers. But who cares? Men don’t. Female lawyers are in the number one profession for attracting studs. After all, eloquence is sexy. So are briefcases.

  2. Marketing

    Image of Female Marketing Manager

    Annual Salary: $67,780

    Maybe it’s their savvy communication skills or their analytical mindset. Maybe it’s the way they know how to make a man want something before he knows he wants it himself. In any case, females in the marketing field are highly desired in the male community.

  3. Advertising

    Image of Female Advertising Manager

    Annual Salary: $88,590

    Ads make men want things. And apparently, so do the ladies of the advertising industry. What man doesn’t like a woman who knows how to get creative and experiment with new ideas?

  4. Teacher

    Image of Female Teacher

    Annual Salary: $53,400

    Teachers are confident, in a position of authority, and often nurturing by nature. Perhaps, without even knowing it, men are attracted to the idea that these female teachers could nurture their future children. Who knows? And let’s face it: men need a little nurturing, too.

  5. Physical Therapist

    Image of Female Physical Therapist

    Annual Salary: $79,860

    It is no wonder why this occupation made the list. Physical therapists are known for having skilled and dexterous hands. Knowing your lady friend has the skills to rub you down, fix sore or pulled muscles, or repair your body is an instant perk.

  6. Flight Attendant

    Image of Female Flight Attendant

    Annual Salary: $37,240

    Always smiling and friendly, flight attendants seem to wait on your every need. They deliver snacks, soft drinks, alcohol, pillows, blankets, and even entire meals if the flight is long enough. What more does a man need to survive?

  7. Banker

    Image of Female Banker

    Annual Salary: $71,720

    What isn’t attractive about a banker? They dress well, they know how to manage money, and they’re personable. And they handle all of your assets with care. Men put their money, their trust, and their eyes, on female bankers.

  8. Accountant

    Image of Female Accountant

    Annual Salary: $35,170

    Of all the sexy things we could say about female accountants, smart, organized and generally successful are at the top. And hey, men like those stats in a woman, so let’s leave it at that.

  9. Police Officer

    Image of Female Police Officer

    Annual Salary: $55,270

    There’s something to be said about a woman in uniform. They’re strong, proud, and ready to take action when action is necessary. Maybe if you ask nicely she’ll let you handle her fire arm.

  10. Hair Stylist

    Image of Female Hair Stylist

    Annual Salary: $22,700

    Like physical therapists, hair stylists are skilled with their hands. And they have, well… style. Historically, hair stylists have been good at making themselves look good. Men are visual. The math speaks for itself.

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