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About 25 percent of students earning MBAs are enrolled in specialized programs. One of the reasons behind this trend is more working professionals currently working in a specialized field are earning MBAs to increase their earning potential and job opportunities.

Since all people and organizations are concerned about security, individuals earning MBAs in security management will have plenty of job opportunities to choose from. Opportunities are available in security consulting, homeland security, executive protection, information security, and transportation security. Those with MBAs will put themselves in a better position than candidates with graduate degrees to obtain management positions. Moreover, workers holding MBAs usually earn more money.

Students studying security management will be required to complete courses in the psychology of terrorism, online crime, intelligence assessment, threat analysis, and network security.

It’s been projected that job growth in emergency preparedness, transportation security, and jobs related to border security will experience the most job growth of all occupations in security related fields. Those with MBAs in security management should enjoy ample job opportunities. Security managers can earn salaries exceeding $90,000 a year.

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