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Many scientists have contributed to civilization by developing technologies that have solved medical problems and improved the quality of life for all people. Most people eventually becoming scientists developed their knowledge during their formal schooling years, especially their undergraduate years.

Many online universities and other educational institutions offer online bachelor’s programs in science. Most students enrolled in science programs are required to conduct experiments, gather data, and analyze data.

Working professionals desiring to make a career transition can earn a bachelor’s degree in science through an online program. In addition to science classes, those enrolled in these programs will be required to complete math credits. Those desiring to conduct scientific research should earn a graduate degree, but people interested in applied-research jobs can often get hired with only a bachelor’s degree.

During 2004, there were nearly 77,000 scientists employed throughout the United States. More than 50 percent of these professionals worked for government agencies.

Scientists are well-paid for their talents. During 2010, the median salary for scientists was nearly $80,000 a year. Scientists holding bachelor’s degrees are not guaranteed high paying jobs, but most organizations recruiting scientists seek those with at least a bachelor’s degree.

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