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Many people working in retail improve their opportunities to receive a promotion by earning a bachelor’s degree in retail management. Retail managers are responsible for speaking to, and making arrangements with vendors, developing company strategy, and supervising employees. Retail managers play some part in most aspects of a retail store’s operations. They are also known as purchasing managers.

Individuals currently working in the retail industry are ideal candidates for retail management bachelor’s programs. Most retail companies look for job candidates with both formal training and experience. Students enrolled in retail management programs will learn about fashion, product pricing, and managing inventory.

Those currently with retail jobs can continue to acquire work experience and earn a degree simultaneously by enrolling in an online program. Possessing a college degree and extensive work experience will improve one’s chances of obtaining a management job.

Since consumer purchases make up a large percentage of the American economy, there should be high demand for trained retail managers during the near future. Retail managers are usually well-compensated for their expertise and skills. During 2004, the median salary for retail managers was over $70,000 a year. Those with retail management degrees are not guaranteed high paying management jobs, but most retail companies prefer to promote people to management positions with bachelor’s degrees.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Retail Management

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