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Individuals interested in working as a clergy member or in a faith based industry can begin their journey by earning a bachelor’s degree in religion and theology offered through an online program. Clergy members usually oversee religious congregations. These leaders also help congregation members solve spiritual problems, perform religious ordinances, and manage their church’s finances.

Many people with bachelor’s degrees in religion and theology teach at private, religious schools. These types of schools are located nationwide, and they are always recruiting qualified religion teachers.

Students enrolled religion and theology programs administered online will be required to complete courses in theology, religious history, and sociology.

During 2010, there were nearly 422,000 people working in religious and theological related fields were employed nationwide. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected steady job growth in clergy and other industries related to theology during the near future. This is partly because more churches are being built throughout the United States, and many congregations are sending large quantities of people to foreign countries to perform missionary and humanitarian work.

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