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Individuals seeking public health and hospital administration jobs should consider earning a PhD in public health. Many accredited educational institutions offer online programs. Those currently working in healthcare related industries can enhance their job opportunities and earning potential by earning a PhD in public health online. They can complete courses whenever they have free time, and many online programs are very affordable. Numerous schools offer specialized PhD programs in such fields as community health education and epidemiology.

The following is core curriculum in public health PhD programs:

  • Public health law
  • Public health ethics issues
  • Financial management
  • Health economics
  • Strategies for assessing the effectiveness of public health policies
  • Developing public health policies
  • Implementing public health programs

Students enrolled in PhD programs in public health will also be required to conduct original research and present their conclusions in a dissertation.

Many people with PhDs in public health work in social work and hospital administration. It’s been projected that job growth in both healthcare administration and social work jobs should increase at a substantial rate through the next few years. Healthcare administration can be a very lucrative career. During 2008, the median salary for administrators overseeing clinics with multiple doctors was a little more than $132,000 a year.

PhD degree programs in Public Health

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