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Some of the best leaders are those with the ability to effectively develop innovative solutions to complex problems. Many leaders, regardless of where they work, developed problem solving and organizational leadership skills while earning a master’s degree in public administration.

Many individuals holding master’s degrees in public administration work as human resources specialists, but students enrolled in master’s degree programs in public administration usually spend most their time in classes emphasizing organizational management. These classes can include policy development and implementation, program assessment, group management, and strategies for altering organizational structure.

Job growth for public administration specialists is projected to increase during the near future, with substantial growth expected in the private sector. Public administration specialists are usually well paid, with starting salaries averaging over $60,000 a year. Holding a master’s degree in public administration will not be an automatic guarantee for a high paying job, but most organizations that rely on public administrators seek those with master’s degrees.

Public Administration Master’s Degree Programs

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