Bachelor Degree in Public Administration

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Public administration specialists are responsible for formulating and ensuring public policy is efficiently administered. While completing a bachelor’s degree in public administration, students will be taught how to collaborate with elected representatives, organize budgets, and supervise employees within a government agency.

Many students wanting to improve their job opportunities enroll in graduate programs in public administration. Earning a graduate degree can require an additional 2-5 years to complete, in addition to the 4 years it usually takes to earn a bachelor’s degree. Most students enrolled in public administration programs are required to complete courses in human resources management, research methodology, political science, public policy, and organizational management. Most organizations hiring policy analysts or public administrations seek candidates who’ve completed at least a bachelor’s program in public administration.

Public administrators utilize their expertise in organization and public policy to develop strategies intended to solve problems. Talented public administrators have the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of policy, speak to large groups of people, and solve difficult problems using their problem solving and critical analysis skills. Public administrators are not only limited to jobs with government agencies and non-profit groups.

Public Administration Bachelor Degree Programs

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