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Psychotherapists administer individual and group counseling to assist people unable to cope with relationship, emotional, substance abuse, and anxiety problems. Talk therapy is another name for this type of treatment. People meet with psychotherapists to talk about:

  • Grief
  • Behavioral problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Substance abuse problems
  • Mental health problems

Job Description

Psychotherapy dates back to the Nineteenth Century. The following are psychotherapy specialties:

  • Cognitive or behavioral psychotherapy � Therapy intended to solve behavioral problems or suicidal thoughts.
  • Couples or group psychotherapy � Therapy intended to solve relationship problems.
  • Constructivist and humanist psychotherapy � Assess individual perspectives and worldviews.
  • Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy � Therapy designed to resolve emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Hypno-psychotherapy � A form of hypnosis designed to uncover suppressed issues.
  • Psychoanalysis � Sigmund Freud popularized psychoanalysis (A.KA. psychodynamic psychotherapy). It’s designed to uncover and evaluate previous life experiences.

Psychotherapists usually meet with patients at psychiatric units. Many also assist patients at medical clinics, private practices, college health clinics, and government agencies. Psychotherapists frequently teach classes attended by psychologists, social workers, and health care specialists.

Education and Training

Specialty determines training in this field. Psychologists interested in psychotherapy must acquire clinical experience and obtain a graduate degree if they currently do not hold one. Social workers aspiring to work as psychotherapists can complete a licensed clinical social worker course to develop these skills.

Prior Work Experience

Psychotherapy experience can be obtained by volunteering with a private practitioner, youth jail, school wellness center, social welfare agency, or a psychiatric health clinic. College students can gain experience by joining research groups.

Career Advancement

Psychotherapists move ahead in their careers by becoming specialists. Others advance by building a large clientele or participating in research. Psychotherapists working for universities often head academic departments or receive other promotions.

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