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Completing an internship is typically a
requirement in the psychology curriculum
for most reputable psychology schools.
This page provides a directory of editor
compiled and reviewed internship
resources, websites and listings for
psychology students and aspiring
psychology professionals. All psychology
internship resource recommendations for
inclusion on this page should be sent to
the site editor for consideration.

  • Columbia
    University/Barnard College Amgen
    Scholars' Summer Research Program

    – The Columbia University/Barnard
    College Amgen Scholars Summer Research
    Programs is offered to a undergraduate
    students looking for a hands-on
    biology research internship. Interns
    will delve into the many aspects of
    performing scientific research. This
    internships is awarded based on
    grades, career plans and
  • University of
    Maryland College of Behavioral and
    Social Sciences Summer Research
    Initiative to Increase Diversity

    – The Summer Research Initiative (SRI)
    is sponsored by the College of
    Behavioral and Social Science (BSOS)
    at the University of Maryland. This
    internship program focuses on
    population groups underrepresented in
    the social, behavioral and economic
    science fields (i.e., American
    Indians, Hispanics, African Americans,
    Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders,
    Alaska Natives, etc.) The goals of the
    programs are to increase knowledge of
    doctoral-level training, provide
    students the opportunity to learn
    about graduate studies and research,
    provide hands-on laboratory
    experience, lectures, workshops,
    mentoring, networking, and enhance
    students' knowledge of the graduate
    application process.
  • National Science
    Foundation (NSF) Research
    Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
    – This program supports
    active research participation by
    undergraduate students in all areas
    funded by the National Science
    Foundation (NSF). Undergraduate
    psychology students are provided the
    opportunity to participate in ongoing
    research programs.
  • The Family Institute
    at Northwestern University Undergrad
    Summer Research Internship Program

    – This internship program is an
    eight-week volunteer research
    internship for undergraduate students
    who are interested in pursuing a
    career in clinical research and
    intervention. The program starts in
    mid-June each year and runs through
    early August. Participants are
    required to dedicate at least 30 hours
    a week to the internship program. This
    is an unpaid internship but provides
    excellent research experience.
  • Undergraduate
    Psychology Summer Internship Program
    – Pace University, Counseling
    Center, New York City Campus

    The goal of the internship program is
    to provide undergraduate students with
    the opportunity to experience the
    diverse functions and roles of a
    professional psychologist in a
    university counseling center. Interns
    will be involved in research,
    outreach, limited clinical work and
    consultation program development.
  • University of
    California – Irvine Undergraduate
    Research Opportunities Program
    – offers a selection of
    undergraduate research and fellowship
    opportunities for aspiring students.
    Psychology Internships

    provides a database of several hundred
    regularly updated internship
    opportunities for psychology students
    and professionals. Intership
    opportunities are provided by a
    variety of organizations including
    private corporations, clinics,
    non-profits, and educational
  • APPIC – offers a
    useful postdoctoral and internship
    matching program for psychology
    students. APPIC seeks to assist
    students seeking quality post-doctoral
    training and internships. At the APPIC
    websites students have access to the
    APPIC Match, the APPIC Directory On
    Line, the National Matching Services,
    and the online APPIC Application for
    Psychology Internship (AAPI).
  • Westminster
    Internship Opportunities is
    – provides an
    extensive list of schools,
    organizations and assoctions providing
    summer internship opportunities for
    psychology students. Currently, the
    list contains over 100 links to high
    quality internship resources and
    programs sponsored by colleges and
    universities throughout the united
  • University of
    California Department of Psychiatry
    Internship Program
    – You can
    apply for this internship directly via
    the school's website at the link
    above. The UCSD/VA Psychology
    Internship Training Program is a
    12-month, full-time, APA-approved
    predoctoral internship in clinical
    psychology. The program includes a
    stipend of roughly $26,000 and
    includes over 2000 hours of training.
    This program is designed to train
    doctoral candidates to function in a
    variety of health care setting where
    psychologists are found.
  • Children's National
    Medical Center Psychology Internship
    – You can download an
    internship brochure to learn more
    about the program or apply directly
    via their web page. The Children's
    National Medical Center is a
    not-profit organization that provides
    advanced pediatric healthcare services
    throughout the United States and
    world. The purpose of the Children's
    National internship program is to
    train professional psychologists who
    are interested in pursuing careers in
    child clinical and/or pediatric
  • Psychology
    Internships and Fellowships at
    Children's Hospital Colorado

    Explore various intership and
    fellowship programs in child clinical
    and pediatric psychology at Children's
    Hospital Colorado.
  • California
    Psychology Internship Council

    The CAPIC website helps aspiring
    psychology students searching for
    internship training positions. The
    organization provides information
    about activities occurring statewide,
    regionally as well as throughout the
    entire United States in psychology
    advocacy, practice and education.
  • Psychology
    Internships Abroad
    – is a great
    resource for psychology students
    desiring to obtain a psychology
    internship abroad. Page is regularly
    updated with new intership
  • Montefiore Medical
    Center Albert Einstein College of
    Medicine Internship Training Program

    – offers an American Psychological
    Association-accredited, 12 month
    predoctoral internship program in
    psychology that focuses on training
    participants in clinical psychology.
  • Medical University
    of South Carolina Charleston
    Consortium Psychology Internship
    Training Program
    – is a
    collaborative program sponsored by the
    Medical University of South Carolina
    and the Psychology Service of the
    Department of Veterans Affairs Medical
    Center. This is a year-long, full-time
    internship training experience from
    Ph.D. students in clinical and
    counseling psychology programs. The
    internship is accredited by the
    American Psychological Association.
  • New York
    University-Bellevue Hospital Center
    Clinical Psychology Internship
    – This internship offers
    an excellent opportunity for students
    who desire to pursue specialized
    training in clinical and adolescent
    psychology. With the combined support
    of the Bellevue Hospital Center and
    Child Study Center, this program
    offers focused training with
    adolescents, children, young adults
    and family in both inpatient and
    outpatient settings.
  • A Professional's
    Guide to Psychology Internship
    – Offers a guide
    to the PSU Psychology Internship

You can also find hundreds of other
psychology internships and research
opportunities in your state by performing
targeted keyword searches in Google. For
example, performing a search in Google for
the keyword "psychology internship
California" yields hundreds of useful
internship search results.

Additionally, most major colleges and
universities that offer psychology
programs will post psychology internships
and internship search resources on their
websites for their students. This site
provides a comprehensive directory of all
of the psychology schools and colleges in
the United States with a link to the
psychology department web page for each
school. An effective way to find
internship opportunities in your state is
to visit the psychology web page of the
schools located in regions where you’d
like to acquire an internship.

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