Psychology and Counseling Phd Degrees

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Those interested in helping others handle their emotional problems and learning more about the factors motivating human behavior should consider a career in psychology. The best way to find a job conducing psychological research is to complete a PhD program in psychology. Individuals raising children or working full-time can still earn a PhD in psychology by enrolling in an online program.

Students completing PhDs in psychology will study theory and applicable clinical approaches intended to assist people with mental health problems. Common courses in these programs include quantitative research, cognitive and social psychology, and human development. Many universities offer specialized PhD psychology programs in research and social, developmental, organizational, school, counseling, and clinical psychology.

About 40 percent of psychologists run their own practices. However, there are still plenty of opportunities in the field of psychology for people desiring consistent employment and pay. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected better than average job growth in psychology related fields through the near future. Average salaries for psychologists holding PhDs is more than $50,000 a year. Earning a PhD will not guarantee employment; however, most research facilities seek individuals with PhDs in psychology, and most states require psychologists wanting to practice clinically to complete a graduate program.

Psychology and Counseling Phd Degree Programs

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