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We’ve come a long way in our understanding of human behavior and psychology over the last century. Unlike their early predecessors, today’s psychologists study and attempt to address all kinds of fascinating questions, such as: What are the roots of violence? Why is learning a language easier as an infant than it is as a teenager? What is the most effective way to help someone with an eating disorder like anorexia? Psychology majors study the way humans and animals act, feel, think, and learn.

Psychology is a competitive field and most good career opportunities in this field require an advanced degree and/or professional training. Most career positions in psychology require that students complete a masters or Ph.D. degree and typically requiring 4 or 5 years of postgraduate work experience, including extensive work in research methods. Some opportunities for teaching psychology at the junior college or high school level, or for work as a psychologist in a school, business, or hospital, are available to those with a master’s degree (2 or 3 years of postgraduate work) or bachelor’s degree.

Select a concentration below to explore various psychology majors and view colleges and universities offering majors and degree programs in child psychology, family and marriage counseling, clinical psychology, social psychology, community psychology, school psychology and more.

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