Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science and Psychology

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Those interested in learning more about the human subconscious and the factors influencing behavior should consider earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and behavioral science. The most recognizable and majority of practicing psychologists are known as clinical psychologists. These professionals provide counseling services to people struggling with emotional problems or mental illness. Clinical psychologists run their own practices, work for police departments, and provide mediation for people involved in divorces. There are a variety of career options for individuals earning bachelor’s degrees in psychology and behavioral science.

It can be very convenient and inexpensive to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology and behavioral science through an online program. Those interested in conducting research or clinical practice must complete a graduate program. Most graduate students are required to complete an internship, which in many cases, requires them to provide counseling at a clinic.

Most psychology and behavioral science students making the financial and time commitment to become psychologists eventually enjoy fulfilling careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth in the psychology and behavioral science industry should increase at a quicker rate than average growth in other industries. Earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and behavioral science will not automatically qualify someone for a high paying job, but trained psychologists will always be in demand since many people rely on them.

Psychology, Counseling, and Behavioral Science Bachelor Degree Programs

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