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Psychiatric technicians provide direct care to mentally ill or disabled individuals receiving care in a psychiatric clinic. They typically work under the direction of psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed counselors. Psychiatric technicians administer medication to patients, monitor them for abnormalities, and administer minor rehabilitative treatments.

Most psychiatric technicians complete training after being hired. Recent graduates of psychology and counseling degree programs often obtain entry-level jobs as psychiatric technicians to acquire work experience. College graduates typically receive higher pay and have more job duties. If this field interests you, complete counseling, genetics, and pharmacology classes.

Most states require psychiatric technicians to complete professional licensure requirements. The American Association of Psychiatric Technicians (AAPT) administers a national certification test for psychiatric technicians. Four certification levels are available for psychiatric technicians. A basic certification level is available for psychiatric technicians with high school degrees, while those with a bachelor’s degree and 3 years or more of work experience qualify for the most advanced level of certification.

Santa Rosa Junior CollegeSanta Rosa, CA

Programs offered include:

Certificate in Psychiatric Technician

University of Maine-FarmingtonFarmington, ME

Programs offered include:

Certificate in Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician

University of Southern MainePortland, ME

Programs offered include:

Certificate in Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community – MHRT/Community

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