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Most organizations highly value employees who are able to lead and effectively manage others. Those with the ability to do this are usually college educated and experienced. For those currently working, it often seems overwhelming to return to college and obtain more education. However, many accredited universities offer master’s degree programs in project management that can be completed online. Those successfully completing these programs will develop the skills necessary to lead a team of workers collaborating together to complete major projects.

Students enrolled in project management master’s degree programs will be required to complete many of the same courses those earning civil engineering degrees are required to complete, but students earning project management degrees enroll in more management classes. These courses include organizational theory, technology and project management, managerial accounting, and statistical models.

Those with master’s degrees in project management should not have difficulty finding high paying jobs. Job growth for project managers is projected to growth steadily through the next ten years. The average salary for project managers nears $70,000 a year. Earning a master’s degree in project management will not automatically qualify you for a high paying job, but most organizations heavily recruit qualified project managers possessing master’s degrees.

Project Management Master’s Degree Programs

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