Presidents Day 2014 – Facts and Scandals

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Presidents Day – 2014 Facts and Scandals

Did you know? George Washington was an ultra-successful liquor distributor in the new country. He made rye whiskey, apple brandy and peach brandy in his Mount Vernon distillery.

FACT: Washington bred hound dogs that he treated like members of his family.

#1 George Washington

Birthplace: Virginia

Age at marriage: 26

Number of kids: 2

Subject studied: Lifelong learner

Age took office: 57

Cause of death: Blood loss

Scandals: Clean as a whistle.

Accomplishments: Presided over the formation of the United States federal government.

Did you know? Andrew Jackson was involved in as many as 100 duels. Most of these were fought to defend the honor of his wife, Rachel. He was shot in the chest in a duel in 1806 and took a bullet in the arm in a bar fight with Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton in 1813

FACT: Jackson suffered chronic headaches and abdominal pain caused by a bullet lodged near his heart.

#7 Andrew Jackson

Birthplace: South Carolina

Age at marriage: 27

Number of kids: 3 (all adopted)

Subject studied: Law

Age took office: 61

Cause of death: Tuberculosis

Scandals: Shooting of Charles Dickinson, brutal enforcement of Indian Removal Act.

Accomplishments: Paid off the entire national debt in 1835 (the only time in history this has ever happened).

Did you know? Abraham Lincoln could throw down in the wrestling ring. As a young man, he was only defeated once, out of approximately 300 matches. He made it to the wrestling hall of fame with the honor of “outstanding American.”

FACT: Lincoln violated some civil liberties to further the war effort.

#16 Abraham Lincoln

Birthplace: Kentucky

Age at marriage: 33

Number of kids: 4

Subject studied: Law

Age took office: 51

Cause of death: Assassination

Scandals: Clean as a whistle.

Accomplishments: Lincoln abolished slavery and ended the civil war.

Did you know? Teddy Roosevelt was shot in an assassination attempt while delivering a speech in Milwaukee. “I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot,” he told the stunned audience. “I give you my word, I do not care a rap about being shot, not a rap.” He completed his 90-minute speech with the bullet still lodged in his chest.

FACT: Roosevelt was known to go skinny-dipping in the wintertime.

#26 Theodore Roosevelt

Birthplace: New York

Age at marriage: 22

Number of kids: 6

Subject studied: Biology

Age took office: 42

Cause of death: Blood clot

Scandals: He organized the revolution to overthrow the government of Panama.

Accomplishments: Panama Canal, Sherman Antitrust Act, Nobel Peace Prize, National parks.

Did you know? JFK was a huge James Bond fan. He first met the author of the series (Ian Fleming) at a dinner party in 1960. They allegedly bounced around ideas about how to get rid of Fidel Castro.

FACT: Kennedy was the youngest person ever elected president.

#35 John F. Kennedy

Birthplace: Massachusetts

Age at marriage: 36

Number of kids: 4

Subject studied: International affairs

Age took office: 43

Cause of death: Assassination

Scandals: Affairs with Marilyn Monroe, Gunilla Von Post, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Marlene Dietrich, Mimi Alford, and Jackie’s press secretary, Pamela Turnure; Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis; Relationship with mafia.

Accomplishments: Pulitzer Prize, initiating the space race and the Apollo Program, Peace Corps.

Did you know? In 1940, the University of California bestowed Reagan with the most nearly perfect male figure award. The prize was the opportunity to pose nearly nude for an art class learning to sculpt the human body.

FACT: Reagan was hard of hearing, especially in his right ear.

#40 Ronald Reagan

Birthplace: Illinois

Age at marriage: 29

Number of kids: 5

Subject studied: Economics and sociology

Age took office: 69

Cause of death: Pneumonia

Scandals: Iran-contra affair, EPA super-fund, lobbying scandal, Inslaw Affair, savings and loan crisis.

Accomplishments: Reagan ended the cold war, reduced nuclear arms, and passed the Anti-drug Abuse Act.

Did you know? It wasn’t just Clinton’s southern charm that did it for the ladies. His face is so symmetrical – an important component of human attractiveness – that he ranked in facial symmetry alongside male models.

FACT: Clinton usually prefers briefs over boxers.

#42 Bill Clinton

Birthplace: Arkansas

Age at marriage: 29

Number of kids: 1

Subject studied: Law and others

Age took office: 46

Cause of death: Still living

Scandals: Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers “I didn’t inhale,” Troopergate.

Accomplishments: Family and Medical Leave Act, Comprehensive Welfare Reform, NAFTA.

Did you know? Obama’s high school nickname on the basketball team was “Barry O’Bomber,” which he earned due to his awesome jump shot.
FACT: Obama applied to appear in a pin-up calendar while in college, but was rejected.

#44 Barack Obama

Birthplace: Hawaii

Age at marriage: 31

Number of kids: 2

Subject studied: Law

Age took office: 47

Cause of death: Still living

Scandals: Operation Fast and Furious, military intervention in Librya without congressional approval, IRS Tea Party scandal, NSA spying, Obamacare website.

Accomplishments: Nobel Peace Prize, ended Iraq war, killed Osama Bin Laden, economic stimulus.


Woodrow Wilson

Becoming engaged to Edith Galt “too soon” after his first wife’s death.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Invasion of Haiti, Newport sex scandal, affair with Lucy Mercer.

Richard Nixon

Watergate, back taxes, resignation.

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