Pre-pharmacy Studies Colleges

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Pre-pharmacy studies isn’t a degree and it isn’t necessarily a major, it’s the course of study a student takes in order to prepare for admission to a graduate level pharmacy program. While students can design their own pre-pharmacy track, many colleges and universities offer structured pre-pharmacy studies programs designed to prepare students for admission to graduate-level pharmacy programs.

Outside of a structured pre-pharmacy program, biology is still the most common major students pursue in preparation to apply to a graduate pharmacy school. For students designing their own undergraduate pre-pharmacy track, courses in biology, science, business, and communication are recommended. Many pharmacy schools require that student’s complete courses in biology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, general physics, microbiology, statistics, and calculus before admittance. You’ll want to check with the graduate school you plan on attending before you begin your undergraduate degree.

The nice thing about pursuing a pre-pharmacy studies track is that if decide not to attend a pharmacy school after you graduate, you’ll be prepared to apply to medical schools, dental schools, or take advantage of entry-level career opportunities in various healthcare related fields. Below you’ll find a comprehensive directory of four-year colleges and universities that offers structured pre-pharmacy studies majors and programs designed for undergraduate students.

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