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The physics major focuses on the study of energy and matter�and their interrelationship. More specifically, physics students will formulate and test the natural laws that govern and influence the behavior of both matter and energy, as well as their interrelationship. Coursework in this major will include modern physics, classical physics, mechanics, electricity, magnetism, quantitative methods, quantum theory and relativity, nuclear processes, thermodynamics, and laboratory methods.

Students considering a degree in physics should know that the discipline requires a strong understanding of science and math. If you plan on pursuing a degree in physics be prepared to dedicate anywhere from 50 to 60 hours a week to your studies. About 30 to 40 hours will be spent studying and preparing assignments and the remaining time will be in classroom lectures and lab projects. Individuals that enjoy math, science and logic puzzles, and are naturally curiously to discover how things works, are likely to enjoy a major in physics.

Below we've compiled a list of accredited four-year colleges and universities that offer undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in physics.