Phobias – What Do We Fear?

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Phobias – What Do We Fear?

  • Phobias:

    an extreme, often irrational, fear of or aversion to something

  • Many Americans claim to have a phobia.

    Yet only 8.7% of the population has a clinical diagnosis.

  • According to new research,phobias may be memories passed down through generations in DNA.

  • The average age of phobia onset is 7.

  • Pogonophobia:

    fear of beards

  • Pteromerhanophobia:

    fear of flying

  • Omphalophobia:

    fear of bellybuttons

  • Phobophobia:

    fear of phobias

  • Coulrophobia:

    fear of clowns. It’s a relatively new widespread phobia. thanks to Steven King, roughly 2 percent of the adult population fears clowns.

  • 51% of Americans claim to have Ophidiophobia:

    fear of snakes

  • Anatidaephobia:

    the fear that somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you

  • Peladophobia:

    fear of bald people

  • Papaphobia:

    fear of the pope

  • Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia:

    the fear of long words

  • Pentheraphobia:

    Fear of your mother-in-law

  • Mysophobia:

    fear of germs. 60% of Americans will not sit down to use a public toilet

  • Do you suffer from Atychiphobia:

    the fear of failure?

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