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A degree in pharmaceutics and drug design is intended to prepare student to design and develop new drugs and pharmaceuticals that can be easily transported, stored, and ultimately provided to patients to cure or address an ailment in the most effective way possible. Earning a degree in drug design and/or pharmaceutics is very different than earning a degree in pharmacy. Where pharmacists simply administer and distribute drugs, individuals who study pharmaceutics and drug design eventually will pursue careers in research and drug development.

Degrees in pharmaceutics and drug design are offered at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, although most programs are offered only as graduate degrees. The majority of universities don’t have degrees specifically in “pharmaceutics and drug design”, but offer degrees in pharmaceutical science and pharmaceutical chemistry with concentrations in drug design.

Undergraduate degree programs typically offer courses that prepare students for a graduate degree in pharmaceutics and drug design, pharmaceutical chemistry, or pharmaceutical science. Curriculum may include courses in biology, chemistry, microbiology, and calculus–possibly with a few introductory courses in drug design. At the graduate level coursework really begins focusing on more relevant topics, including drug metabolism, pharmacology, molecular cell biology, drug design, pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical analysis, and biochemistry.

Students who pursue a course of study in pharmaceutics and drug design will learn about the physical and chemical composition of drugs, the physiologic processes in the human body they influence, and how to analyze a drug’s effectiveness. Most graduate students who complete a degree in pharmaceutics and drug design will find jobs in drug research and development. However, some will pursue careers in pharmaceutical administration, regulation and policy development.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive directory of the regionally accredited schools, colleges and universities offering undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in pharmaceutics and drug design, pharmaceutical science, and pharmaceutical chemistry.

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