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Pharmaceutical sciences is an interdisciplinary field that combines an array of scientific disciplines with the aim of discovering, designing, and developing new drugs and drug therapies. Pharmaceutical sciences can be divided into the following categories, each comprised of several specializations: Drug Discovery and Design, Drug Delivery, Drug Action, Clinical Sciences, Drug Analysis, Pharmaceutical Economics, and Regulatory Affairs.

Degrees in pharmaceutical sciences are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science is one of the more popular degrees in this field. It examines all specializations within pharmaceutical sciences, including pharmaceutical toxicology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and medical chemistry. Some schools required students to select a specific area of specialization (e.g. pharmacology) while other offers a more general curriculum. While a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences prepares students to pursue a graduate degree, it does not qualify them to sit for state licensing exams or to become a practicing pharmacist. A postgraduate degree (Pharma.D.) is required in order to become a pharmacists.

In order to become a licensed, practicing pharmacist, students must complete a graduate degree within an area of Pharmacy or Pharmaceuticals Sciences. Some of the most popular graduate degrees within the industry include the following:

  • M.S./Ph.D. – Pharmacal Sciences
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Pharmacy Care Systems
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Bioengineering
  • Ph.D. – Biological & Medical Informatics
  • Ph.D. – Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Ph.D. – Biophysics
  • Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences
  • M.S. – Management of Drug Development
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
  • M.S./DRSc. – Regulatory Sciences
  • Ph.D. – Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics
  • Ph.D. – Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Integrated Biosciences
  • Ph.D. – Toxicology
  • Ph.D. – Health Outcomes Research and Pharmacoeconomics
  • MPH/DrPH – Public Health
  • Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
  • Ph.D. – Pharmacy Care Administration
  • Ph.D. – Biopharmaceutical Sciences
  • Ph.D. – Medicinal Chemistry
  • Ph.D. – Pharmacognosy
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Pharmacy Practice
  • Ph.D. – Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Ph.D. – Medicinal and Natural Products
  • Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical Socioeconomics
  • Ph.D. – Pharmaceutics
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
  • M.S. – Radiopharmacy
  • M.S./Ph.D. – Public Policy and Outcomes Research
  • M.S. – Biotechnology
  • M.S. – Cytotechnology and Molecular Cytology
  • M.S. – Biotechnology-Cytology

Below is a comprehensive directory of the colleges and universities located in the United States that offer accredited graduate degree programs in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

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