Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies

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More people than just attorneys and judges participate in the major legal battles conducted in American courtrooms. One of the key participants involved during court litigation are paralegals. They help attorneys prepare for trials and draft legal documents. This is a great career for someone wanting to work in the legal industry who is not interested in attending law school.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies is one of the best ways to begin a career as a paralegal. Those with family and work responsibilities can study at their convenience by enrolling in an online program. Students enrolled in these programs will learn how the court system operates, how to conduct legal research, and how to draft important legal documents. Working as a paralegal can be very difficult but exciting as well.

Most bachelor’s programs in paralegal studies administered online are inexpensive and designed with working professionals in mind. There are numerous, with one estimation being over 1,000, educational institutions offering formal paralegal training. Of these programs, the American Bar Association recognizes 260.

Since it has been projected that the legal industry should experience job growth during the near future, there should be plenty of job opportunities for qualified paralegals. Earning a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies does not instantly qualify someone for a high paying job, but most law firms seek paralegals who’ve earned a college degree.

Paralegal Studies and Assisting Bachelor Degrees

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