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Since most people eventually require an attorney’s services, there will always be demand for qualified paralegals. Paralegals are responsible for managing legal files, drafting legal documents, and participating in developing courtroom strategy.

Being a paralegal is an ideal career for those interested in the law without the desire to attend law school. One of the best ways to begin a paralegal career is to enroll in an online paralegal associate’s program. In these programs, students will learn how the court and legal system function, how to prepare vital legal documents, such as pleadings, contracts, and wills, and how to properly prepare for trials.

Most paralegals are employed by law firms, but many also work for government agencies and companies with an in-house legal team. The salary range varies in this industry, but paralegals employed by big law firms usually earn higher annual salaries than those working for smaller legal offices and government agencies. In 2010, most paralegals made about $45,000 annually. Paralegals that specialize in a particular field, such as bankruptcy or torts, usually make more money than their colleagues with generalized knowledge.

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