Organizational Development MBA

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Efficient organization is one of the keys to a successful business. Employees should be assigned to the job, department, or team where their skills will be maximized. Since organization is important to most businesses, many companies rely on the expertise of managers specializing in organizational development.

The following are common classes students are required to complete in MBA programs in organizational development:

  • Large system alteration
  • Organizational management
  • Intervention procedures
  • Theory related to organizational alterations

Managers responsible for overseeing organizational changes must have exceptional organization skills. Obtaining a MBA in organizational development does not mean a graduate will find a job with little effort, but most companies heavily recruit managers with the ability to organize employees into groups where their talents will be maximized. Organizational skills can be developed while earning a MBA.

Skilled organizational development specialists are usually handsomely paid. For example, during 2010, administrative services managers averaged near $80,000 a year.

MBA programs for Organizational Development Careers

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