Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Management MBA

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The efficient and safe operations conducted at a factory would not be possible without the expertise of operations and supply chain managers. These specialists are responsible for acquiring raw materials and ensuring machines are properly maintained. Skilled operations and chain managers usually have good computer skills and are healthy enough to supervise numerous employees and factory operations.

You can begin a career in operations and supply chain management by earning a MBA. Many working professionals complete these programs online. This makes it possible for them to keep their jobs and earn a MBA at the same time. Professionals currently working in a factory can increase their earning potential by obtaining a MBA. Students enrolled in MBA programs in operations and supply chain management are required to complete courses in business management, finance, marketing, and operations management. Students will also be required to complete projects where potential work scenarios will be imitated. Although it usually requires about 2 years to complete a MBA program, some schools offer operations and supply chain management programs that can be completed in less time.

Most supply chain managers are required to work occasional nights and weekends and travel occasionally. This can be a very demanding career, so individuals considering it should be sure it’s right for them before making the commitment to obtain a specialized MBA in this field. Operations managers are usually well paid, and they often earn salaries exceeding $80,000 a year. Supply chain and operations managers with training in computer technology will have the best job opportunities.

Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Management MBA Programs

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