Open-book Tests

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Take-home tests are similar to open-book tests, but the latter are typically completed in class with time limits. However, teachers still expect students to provide detailed answers. As a result, it’s important to prepare for these tests to meet your teacher’s expectations.

Make Sure To Prepare

Students often do not complete open-book tests because they spend the allotted time searching for answers. This can be prevented by preparing for the test. Take time to identify where all relevant information is located within the book. Highlight main concepts, place sticky notes on important pages, and complete all assigned readings to familiarize yourself with the content. Also learn how to use the index to quickly locate information. Write brief summaries of important topics with corresponding page numbers and place them within the book.

Work Through the Test As Quickly As Possible

Mark questions when relevant information cannot be quickly retrieved, and return to them later. Complete easy questions first. Stay on pace, and do not spend too much time on a single question.

Don’t Plagiarize

Never commit plagiarism since it’s often grounds for expulsion. Always cite sources and do not excessively quote the book. Instead, paraphrase information using your own words.

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