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Although trade jobs do not have the notoriety of physician and attorney jobs, skilled trade professionals, including HVAC maintenance specialists, welders, and plumbers, are constantly in demand. Those who enjoy hands-on work can enjoy satisfying careers in the fields of heavy machinery repair, maintenance, and applied technology.

Some skilled trade professionals earn more than $100,000 annually. Although it’s difficult to earn this kind of annual salary, it is possible for those who work hard and master their craft. Unlike jobs driven by consumer spending, trade-related jobs are fairly stable since these skills are constantly in demand.

Vocational Careers You Can Count On

There are many careers to choose from in the vocational trades. For example, telecommunications-related industries continue to grow at a rapid pace, so demand is high for repair, maintenance, and installation specialists. Additionally, growth will be spurred as more satellite and cable companies provide high definition programming and upgrade their technology.

Likewise, high growth is projected in the fields of cosmetology and automotive maintenance. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job growth in these fields will increase by 14 percent through the near future. High growth is also projected in the field of aviation science since demand for more fuel-efficient airplanes is driving investment in new technology, and airline companies are placing a higher emphasis on airline maintenance to make sure airplanes are as fuel efficient as possible.

Get Your Foot in the Door with Vocational Training

Most successful trade professionals have years of work experience. To begin the first step in acquiring work experience you must complete training at a vocational or technical school. Certification programs are also available at many community colleges. Many programs are combined with apprenticeships, so students can obtain the experience they need to begin trade careers.

If you cannot commute to campus or spend time obtaining additional career training, online training programs are available. Programs are available in welding, plumbing, appliance maintenance, cosmetology, HVAC, and automotive maintenance. Additionally, online programs are usually more affordable, and you can attend to work and family responsibilities while completing career training.

Online Technical and Vocational Career Training

Online technical and vocatioanl career training programs designed for aspiring career professionals seeking to obtain real-world skills and qualifications:

Applied Technology - Career training programs in telecommunications, electronics, audiovisual (A/V), computers, building, engineering, industrial, diesel, aviation, civil engineering, marine technology, and more.
Automotive & Vehicle - Explore auto mechanic training programs with courses in advanced diagnostics, auto body repair, aircraft mechanics, diesel, collision repair, NASCAR technology, and more.
Aviation - Launch a career in aviation technology with advanced training in avionics, aircraft mechanics, aviation electronics technology, airframe technology, and aviation management.
Beauty & Cosmetology - Prepare for a successful career by becoming a licensed cosmetologist with career training in aesthetics, skin and nail care, and salon management.
Computer & Appliance Repair - Explore career training programs in appliance repair, computer electronics technology, and electronic repair technology and get your career started today.
Electrician - Electrician training programs in electronics engineering technology, electronic technology, basic electronics, electrical technician training and electronic repair.
HVAC - Explore HVAC certificate and diploma programs in heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration maintenance and repair.
Plumbing - Prepare for a high-demand, high-paying career with a certificate or diploma in plumbing technology.
Transportation - Explore truck and tractor trailer driver career training programs
Welding - Earn your welding diploma and prepare for career as a skilled trademan today
Other Trades - Explore career training programs in gunsmithing, equestrian, interior design, bridal consulting, astronomy and much more

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